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Level Up Your Makeup Skills Over 30 days

This course is delivered entirely online to help makeup enthusiast, makeup experts, influencers, bloggers & speakers with a busy schedule to level-up their makeup skills in 30 days and stand out in their niche, showcase their unique personalities, impress themselves, their clients, and make more income.

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What you'll get:

  •  Lifetime access to all modules and my online community 
  • Instructional videos per module
  • Weekly 2-hour group coaching and live Q&A sessions with me
  • Clear roadmap and course checklist for guiding you through each week's activities
  •  Weekly assigments to keep you accountable
  • Dos and Don'ts that really matter
  • Direct access and support to my skills and knowledge bank of over a decade's worth of experience
  • My unwavering enthusiasm and a condusive online platform to enable you get started and achieve your makeup goals. 

Explore Course:

  • Understand colour concept, product care & hygiene
  • Gain mastery of the fundamentals of skin care
  • Master the "Makeup Matrix" for foundation matching and application 
  • Create stunning eyelooks with indepth understanding of eyeliner techniques, eyeshadow placement and eyelash application
  • Master the art of illusions through various sculpting techniques such as highlighting, contouring, draping, strobing etc
  • Learn to create picture perfect pouts using the renowed S.O.F.T technique
  • Create stunning brows using my accalaimed S.O.F.T technique
  • Gain valuable insight for a cost effective and effecient makeup kit - for both professionals and everyday ethusiasts

I look forward to welcoming you at #themakeupbootcamp

This course is filled with everything you ever need. I guarantee this course is going to expand your sense of what's possible in your makeup world. From basic principles to practical & professional tips, I'm going to share all the vital tools for success. Plus, the online learning environment makes it easy, enjoyable & full of fun!